Protein Loom (fixed poles or rings to weave proteins through)

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Opened on:Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 22:40
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While wrapping the protein threads, I realized I was pretty much pulling a helix from point A to point B, pulling a sheet back to point A, another helix back to point B. I mused to myself that there should be a tool for this!

Tool proposal: a subset of the move/rubber-band/mouse-drag algorithm. The "Protein Loom" would be an object you can toggle, perhaps under "Actions" or "Modes". Enabling the loom would create a pair of 'poles', a pair of 'rings', or perhaps a 'square', 'ring', 'cube', or '3-ring sphere' around the edges of the play-field. While dragging a protein chain, the loom would create a solid boundary that the protein would never pass through or collide or bond with, but could wrap around or be pulled around. Modifier keys could be used to specify whether the protein should go under/inside of the pole/ring or over/outside of it. Another slider could be used to scale the loom to the desired size in context of the puzzle.

I realize this is similar to Eketek's post about binding to Absolute Planes, though this is different as it adds the concept of ineffable structures around which to wrap the proteins, and those structures do not have to be bound to a single plane, such as the aforementioned 'pair of rings'.

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