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607: Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR7471410,276108/04/12
607 (<150): Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR747210,2435408/04/12
607 (<15): Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR747110,175008/04/12
606: Large CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR7081912,310108/03/12
Beginner Puzzle (<15): Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein-8,588-07/14/12
595: 30 Residue Symmetric Trimer Freestyle209,598107/13/12
594: Server models for T0730219,716107/13/12
593: Server models for T0728258,790107/13/12
582: Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR6742710,725106/23/12
Beginner Puzzle: Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein408,580106/19/12
Beginner Puzzle (<150): Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein-8,580-06/16/12
578 (<150): Beginner Flu Puzzle 469,012606/16/12
568: Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR6443210,834106/06/12
549b Beginner Immunotherapy Design Puzzle 2 Repost189,131105/04/12
536: CASP ROLL Target R0018339,719104/09/12
Short Beginner Puzzle: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Protein309,040104/09/12
530: RosettaServer CASP ROLL R0010359,488103/24/12
532: Beginner Flu Puzzle377,513103/24/12
Short Beginner Puzzle: T-cell Lymphoma 417,958103/24/12
Beginner Puzzle: Anthrax Lethal Factor Protein319,348102/28/12
520: RosettaServer CASP ROLL R0007 Predictions2611,242102/26/12
522b: Flu Design Puzzle 53710,013102/26/12
521: RosettaServer CASP ROLL R0008 Predictions3010,558102/24/12
516: RosettaServer CASP ROLL R0006 Predictions2011,946202/19/12
517: CASP ROLL Target R0008368,379102/17/12

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