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Horwich Wins Lasker Award by Straddling Science and Medicine:

"...HSP60, he found, folds proteins in an unexpected way. It does not grab a protein and fold it like an origami master. Instead, it gives the protein the isolation it needs to fold itself.

HSP60 resembles two barrels stuck end to end. An unfolded protein can get trapped in one of the barrels, whereupon a lid slams shut. Once sealed inside, the protein can begin to fold into its proper shape. The lid stays sealed for 10 seconds before popping open, allowing the protein to escape. A new unfolded protein can then drop into the other opening, and another lid traps it in turn. If a protein does not fold completely in its first visit to the changing room, it can fall back in again."

I hope this was the right place to post this.

Cheers Folders!


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