3rd Puzzle Break

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Opened on:Monday, September 12, 2011 - 14:16
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I just downloaded Fold It with the intention of using it in my high school chemistry course. I was working on puzzle #3, and after I worked up the score as high as I could, I went to "shake sidechains." This brought my score higher than the given maximum score (8275/8250) and the "shake" function will not end. What should I do?

George Haag

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just stop the shake. the goal there is to attain the 'minimum' score, not attain it perfectly

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Thanks for the help, firejuggler.

George Haag, you can hit spacebar to stop a shake or wiggle at any time.

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Not a bug.
Shake doesn't stop itself, it must be stopped as described by beta_helix and firejuggler.


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