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I have installed Foldit for Windows 7 in my C://Program Files (x86)/ folder and when I double click to open the .exe file, I keep getting an error "Error switching to working directory". Did I do something wrong and how can I fix this?


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dont use this directory, you

dont use this directory, you have access right problems
choose a directory like c:/foldit

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installer and install game in another location.
I have d:\games\foldit ;]
No more problems on admin things.

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There was briefly a problem

There was briefly a problem with the installer. If you redownload and reinstall you should be able to install the game where you want.

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Permissions problem in Ubuntu 10.04

I installed Foldit in /usr/lib, as follows:

gzip -dc Foldit.tar.gz | sudo tar xvf -

Then I created a script /usr/bin/foldit that contains

cd /usr/lib/Foldit

Since "foldit" is in the $PATH environment variable, I am able,
as a normal user, to run "foldit" and actually register as a player,
but since I have no permission to write in /usr/lib/Foldit, the
game tells me that it can not save my game ID.

What settings must I put in place so that Foldit is available to all
users (in /usr/lib/Foldit) and yet personal data get saved in my
$HOME directory?

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in home directory (create foldit dir), not in lib.


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