Recipes removed by latest updates on 09 Sept 2011 1300 hours Korea Japan Standard Time

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Opened on:Friday, September 9, 2011 - 14:19
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Latest updates installed at above mentioned time removed all mention of ' v2_xxxxxxxxxx ' formatted recipe names. all.macro file was determined to be of proper size as unaffected ( non-updated ) folders on separate folders on alternate machines, however a large # of recipes went missing as a result of this update. Affected two folders on one machine.
Recovered all recipes by copying complete folders from unaffected ( non-updated ) machine to the affected ( updated ) machine. Now now allowing updates to occur.

Would suggest a programming change that would allow one to manually determine by means of a checkbox used at the same time as client login that would disallow or allow updates on next client boot thus relieving one of constantly being on the lookout for the client possibly updating into a scenerio like I ran into today.

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There is no V2 support at all in the latest beta.

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V2 support is restored in beta.


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