Wording suggestion on tutorial 5-2

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Opened on:Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 01:32
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I like the new tutorials; there is a lot of good additional information in them. But I found the move control in 5-2 extremely difficult to use. It turns out that this was because I thought that the control was just the purple widget; once I discovered that the control was the actually the transparent entire sphere, the control's workings became much more intuitive. A few extra words in this tutorial might make this clear. Something like:

"You can drag the transparent sphere surrounding the Move Control in any direction to shift the selected section around. Or you can right-click and drag on the control to move the attached section without changing its orientation."

A side note; even after understanding the move control, I found this particular tutorial singularly difficult to complete. Perhaps I was just missing something -- but the puzzle seems to me to be persnickety in the extreme. :-)

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thanks for the suggestion!


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