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I did not change the default setting...

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The feedback is here

I can't seem to withdraw it or edit it either.

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it was marked as "disabled" for some reason, I have fixed this and replied to it.

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Thank you, beta!

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All good comments, auntdeen. I'm a returning folder and I can tell you from firsthand experience that the hurdle to re-entry is huge. Exploration puzzles took much hand-holding by teammates. I had to go through many of the tutorials again. Alignment tool didn't make sense to me and wiki was totally inadequate to explain to novice how all of this holds together. I left at a time when recipes were just being introduced but not well used. I returned at a time when recipes were just being refined enough that they did specific jobs well enough to be used as tools. They are now as varied and different as are a hammer and screwdriver. I didn't learn all this, however, until I had spent many and evening chatting with teammates.

Having more and simple puzzles would certainly help.


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Welcome back phi16!

I've moved your comment to so we can keep it all in one thread. Thanks!


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