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When is this going to be available as an iPad app?

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We currently do not have the resources for this, so there is no plan for an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch App anytime soon.
We do have someone working on Foldit Kinect, however: http://youtu.be/_yNAk2fsuI8

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Are you looking for additional resources that could help you port this to the iPad/iPhone/iPod platform? Is this an open source solution that I could contribute too?

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It would cost much to get this on ipad, or iphone. Any free programmer could do it for free, updates can eb managed by the side effortless. Well hope it gets done.

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Duplicate to http://fold.it/portal/node/990587

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Hey. You should definitely bring it to ipad. A good way to do this would be to hire a third party developer to do it for you. You could raise the money by running a kickstarter. The link is below. I know for a fact that people would support a project like this. You'd probably get more than you asked for. Let us know if you do so we can blow it up on reddit.


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this is the main bottleneck:

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I wanted to come back to this as I now have a workaround I use for my iPad. I run the application on my desktop computer and use TeamViewer (free version) to access my computer from my iPad to play. Its a little clunky, but it does the trick for me.


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