new function to implement ( for exposed ss)

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Opened on:Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 16:27
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Following a discusion on the global channel, I suggest 2 new function, one, at least allready been asked.

a isHydrophobic(Boolean) and a SSisExposed(Boolean). Since the hydrophobic state and 'exposed' state are already determined (on the fly for exposed), there should not be much data manipulation.

Combine those 2 with a rebuild loop and you have a base idea for a script.

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It can be useful.
Maybe there is thershold for negative hidding score part that indicating that? ie <-20 is exposed, and >=-19 is not yet exposed.

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well, to find exposed i tried to combine the low hiding score, ishydrophobic and distance between said segment and other segment ( in rosetta, a segment is supposed to be exposed if it has less than 18 other co-segment in a range of less than 10 angstrom)

I tried to do this with my last script availlable here


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