Bring functions form standalone client

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Topic:Game: Tools
Opened by:Rav3n_pl
Opened on:Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 18:40
Last modified:Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 22:01

I`m pretty sure, that functions which are in standalone are just "hidden" in our version.
There is list of functionality I see can be very useful to us:

- script console
- behavior max set to 2 (looks to me it is not just our 1)

LUA commands:
= info(seg_no) - but it should just return table {{name,value},...} instead of showing info. Faster and easier to manage score parts etc.
= select_sphere(center,radius) <- sic! I have function for that, but there is one already!
= do_focus_segment(seg_no) - very cool for showing what script is doing atm
= boolean confirm(string text) <- it can be changed to our inputbox we want badly!
= show_holes() hide_holes() - looks like it is bit different from voids?

Maybe optional save/load PDBs? It would be very cool to load almost any pdb and watch how it looks like and what we can do to it :)

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This would be great, +1.

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+ tool tip showing up in upeer corner when mouse over segment: seg num and name - good and useful feature

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+ freeze looks way better in standalone - less opacity: you can look over frozen sections

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+ more information in "tab over" window! separate bonding for bb and ss, seperate scores for bbone, amazing!
All of this should be returned by info() command!

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Trim function! Great when we want work only on small part of it.
Super function for all manual folders, I`m pretty sure that run script on trimmed protein can be blazing fast.
Think about possibility to run rebuilder on 20% of entire thingy? Then trim another section and work only on this... amazing!
Or QTTN puzzle - we working on some part, then next, next... nice, fast and smooth :)

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Shameless bump :)


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