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Opened by:katling
Opened on:Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 22:42
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The latest update has turned me into a noob, by which I mean after logging in, I'm sent to the tutorials instead of the puzzle menu or a puzzle I was working on. Not a huge deal, but annoying.

Also I'm unable to see 444. It expired this morning and I wanted to upload a couple solutions. I tried earlier while the puzzle was still live and wasn't able to do so then.

Thanks yall.

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Never mind. I see from Marie's post that we're supposed to do the tutorials and help make them better.

I'm a moron.

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I didn't think we have been able to use the developer preview on live puzzles, going back to the early days of

Has this changed?

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Yes, this changed a while back when players complained that they didn't want to have to keep switching back and forth.
Since we want as many players as possible testing the developer preview (so that we can catch all the bugs before the release goes to everybody), we made it possible to play any current puzzle in the developer preview (since that is available to anyone and we post any new release in the news)

Marking this feedback as closed


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