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The tutorial "changing the structure" doesn't work well
Not clear if you have to change one or two segment in sheet
Tweak doesnt work at all.
You have to freeze and rebuild : hard at this stage

The new quest to the native is very easy. Not too much easy?

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5-5 Finishing Touches: If it took me more than five minutes on the first try, then I'm afraid that real beginners will have trouble with this one.

==> Now, this puzzle technically isn't difficult if one approaches it the "right" way. (For example, a possible 5-move solution might involve shaking at CI = 1, wiggling at CI = 0.01, shaking at CI = 1, wiggling at CI = 1, and then shaking at CI = 1 again.) However, thanks to the precedent set by the Quest to the Native intro level (Puzzle 5-1), it's possible for the player to go astray by trying to bond the two beta sheets together by instinct and end up just short...

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The tutorial that was #16 (please don't make me go back there!) asked you to change the structure to fill in the sheet - then flip the sheet, shake & wiggle.

I filled the sheet in - flipped it (from the right), did shake/wiggle, no luck. Did again - tried in in every order I could think of - but never thought of flipping from the left.

Regardless, I was finally able to pass the level by simply shaking for over 30 seconds - then wiggling. No flip needed.

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Are you talking about new tutorials in beta (live is labeled on every page as "beta") or in the developer preview?

Let's keep the terms standardized so we can identify what you are talking about.

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We are talking about the developer preview. If often gets referenced as BETA since that's the update group that you have to change it to to try it out:

Q: How do I try out the Foldit Developer Preview?
A: Locate your Foldit data directory (see previous question). Open the file options.txt and change the update_group variable from "main" to "beta".

We could change that update_group variable from "main" to "developer preview" to make the confusion go away but that might be more complicated.

I think it's safe to assume that Foldit will be in BETA for a long time (in terms of the labels on the webpage) and any current references to BETA are talking about the update_group variable and the developer preview.

Sorry for the confusion!

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Flip to the left works for me also for "changing the structure".
And I dont see it is a section not a segment you have to change.
"you have to read carefully" as Charlie always says.
C'est pas si bizarre finalement.

"Ligand constraints" is slow and makes stop and go but with patience it works.

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Tuorial Finishing touches is too hard.
I cannot find a simple way to explain it for the wiki.
The usefulness of the tool in this case is not obvious.
You lost points with the usual moves, shake put CI to 0.1, shake, put CI to 1, shake.

Maybe, th best way to explain this tool is to start for an unstable protein that explode if you dont use CI like after threading.

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Thanks Marie, we discussed this same idea at our weekly meeting after everyone's feedback.

It seems like starting from a model with many clashes might work better.

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Just managed to get round to trying these, so a few comments

#12 - or 4.1 Hide the Hydrophobic
initially the yellow 'exposed' bubble did not show up, so the comment was not clear
it appeared after moving the protein a bit

#16 - or 4.5 Changing the Structure
might be worth stating the obvious - that you need to go back into Pull mode to do the Tweak
otherwise I was OK with this - lucky maybe

#17 - or 5.1 Quest to the Native
puzzle file cmp-resources-8b3211c91cbbf44ca4d360f769387ab8\resources\levels/0000000701.ir_puzzle.pdb
not found

couldn't get at any of the 5.n tutorials

#25 - or 7.1 Intro to Design
I wondered if this might need a bit more explanation for newbies even if it is obvious to us

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New tutorial on clashing very good

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Have now gotten access to the level 5 tutorials - thanks for the update

Tutorial #17 5.1 QTTN
Too easy if anything. I got over the score required when still miles away from the guide

#18 5.2 Moving Along
Would it be possible to switch on the "Outlines" in View - makes seeing the guide much easier

#19 5.3 Electron Density
It might be worth emphasising that the ED just helps to show you how the structure needs to be.
You can reposition the sheet and complete the tutorial without refering to the ED at all.

I noticed two things with these tutorials
- the Tweak tool seemed to be missing the rotate arrows.
- "pull" was remarkably ineffective.
I assume that was deliberate, was it just to get bands used?


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