A future without global wiggle

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If rebuilds are not random, and in fact are pulled from a datatbase, then we need to derive an equation, perhaps like one I mentioned earlier, that can normalize or even avergae (the score) of rebuilds having similar shapes, as a way to optimize out wiggle backbone and global wiggle. This will make work on puzzles even faster.

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Interesting idea, but you might want to know that the two tools are different from a technical standpoint:

* Global wiggling are gradient-based optimization;
* While rebuilds are fragment insertions from known structures.

Hence, applying the strategy used for rebuilds for wiggling might actually be even LESS effective.

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ah, so there really is no benefit to merging them, because there is no way for the fragment insertion to undergo a hidden markov-based analysis based on the codons.

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Sounds like the question was answered.

Closing feedback.


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