Change the color of a band's tip to signify the band is in the guide.

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Using a Guide and dragging bands in a 3-D space is so hard and even lose some because of the way the current method is structured. The user must continually rotate the puzzle trying to adjust the band so it is in the uide. Then when rotated again it is still not in the guide, repeat, repeat, repeat. All that for just a single band.

If the tip of the band (or the whole band even) where to change color when it is on the guide it would save us so much frustration.

We think the band is close, but it isn't. So allow us to use the arrow keys WHILE dragging the band to adjust where it is in 3-D space.

Bands keep trying to snap to segments, also.

Guides is a very unfriendly.

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Hi Bendbob - the bands will attach to any part of the surrounding space which can be really useful. If you are banding to the sidechains in the guide not the backbone you can see the end of the band disappear into the guide sidechain so you know exactly where it is is.
I agree that it is difficult but I found that I improved my banding with practice, so that many times I can just pop them into place, but often I have to move and turn and move and turn many times - the further away or closer to the middle the harder it is, and I laugh at how wrong I get it sometimes.
I often throw bands on quickly to places on the guide space when wiggling de novos to move big chunks around into place, then remove them, so changing colours and arrow keys would not really help much there.
Great for ones 3D spatial skills development.

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You may find it gets considerably easier to band individual chains to a guide if you do a couple of things. Shift A will bring up all chains as visible, then set 2 or 3 bands just into space on every chain in the section you want to work on, then Shift D. Now, only the chains with bands will stay visible. Put the cursor on the first chain you want to work on, and press Q, and the whole protein will shift so that this chain is now at the centre of the universe, when you rotate the background by dragging. (If you put the cursor on the background and press Q, it'll recentre the whole protein, like Home key - the solution we see in #global when people lose their visuals off-screen). By now rotating the view, and dragging each band tip, you can now match the guide, chain by chain slightly more easily.

Hope that helps


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