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How much memory should normaly foldit client use?

After time(few days) and multiple clients(mostly 2-4) running my computer gets out of memory, foldit doesnt crash but you can hear disk writes on swap and have 6GB in machine.

I need to restart x windows server to get memory back.

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I've noticed this too. The memory leak is in the Xorg module and it gets steadily larger memory footprint. It eventually starts hitting the disk as it pages. Eventually, Foldit cores.

-rw-------. 1 jow Users 512M Sep 27 18:44 core.13871
-rw-------. 1 jow Users 507M Sep 27 19:14 core.16058
-rw-------. 1 jow Users 516M Sep 27 19:40 core.16600
-rw-------. 1 jow Users 517M Sep 27 20:04 core.17313
-rw-------. 1 jow Users 680M Sep 27 20:43 core.17535
-rw-------. 1 jow Users 514M Sep 27 22:30 core.1858x

Some of these cores happen when I exit and try to save a current "try". I'm using gnome 3.0, on a Fedora Core 15. uname -a dump is:
Linux stone.bp #1 SMP Tue Aug 30 14:38:32 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Hope some of this might help.


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