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When running a Quake variety script, the banding of random pieces of the backbone can cause sheets to be pulled apart. Sometimes, the separated sheets after using the wiggle function can score slightly better than the intact sheets; and the script would then choose that conformation as the recent best score. The script then progresses with an incorrect structure.

It would be beneficial to be able to set certain bands as "permanent", meaning that no script can inactivate or delete them, until such time that they are inactivated or deleted, manually. This way, specific sections of the protein will more likely stay in place, while the scripts do their business with the other parts.

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Some scripts are not deleting all bands. It can be modified in all LUA scripts, ie:

userBands=get_band_count() --in front of script to store number of user bands

then when we need delete script bands and leave user bands instead of fast band_delete():

if userBands>0 then
while get_band_count()>userBands do
else --if no user bands

Similar function is used in GA Bands.

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That's great, Rav... but I am not a programmer. I can't write a script to save my life.

I'm asking the developers to add a function where we can click on an existing band in such a way as to render it "permanent", just as we can now mark a band as "disabled".

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Not really what I was looking for. Thanks for trying.

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Great minds think alike Boots :)
I was just thinking that being able to create "permanent" bands was something I could do with and searched to see if anyone had suggested it before raising it myself

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If possible not having to set each band individually as permanent would be good. So that you could run a sheet band adjust it, vary strength etc and then make permanent

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Maybe my script Rigid region maker can help.
There is an option to create a script so parts can be reconstructed.

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Similar idea is to save/load set of bands. It "should" be doable like qukcsaves.

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Bump. A few of you apparently agree with me. I still want to see this happen.

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I like that. Run the sheet scaffolding script that makes bands to keep them together, then continue on.

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I have a hack in 'Compress for Symmetry' that uses Lua's ability to rename functions to prevent Rav3n_pl Comp Loss 2.2 from deleting, enabling, disabling, or modifying any bands that existed at the start of the script. Yes, I know he has an option in there, but it was much easier to do this than to make sure Rav's option did what I want. And, it works on any script, so I don't have to study every script I want to change. I've done similar things to change how scripts uses clash importance without finding all the Fuzes and such. A non-programmer just needs to paste the code at the top of the program. Just don't reshare it, we don't need hacks stacking upon hacks.


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