Puzzle results on portal disincentive to creativity and effort?

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Would anyone be able to explain why evolvers get all the top line credits on the portal results pages? Rather than the soloists who are actually creating and putting huge effort into refining the objects being evolved?
Soloists are not able to walk their solutions until the end of a puzzle and yet evolvers can easily with very minimal effort and zero creativity, fully walk puzzles and sit for days as the apparent leaders on the portal results whilst the soloists are battling it out, using a lot of energy and resources.

Sometimes a soloist will be so far ahead that they remain in front of the fully walked evos but not often.
This is a disincentive imho - far easier to sit back and just evo other peoples solutions and look like a winner. Problem is that without the soloists there is nothing to evolve.

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Evolver scores and rankings aren't really meaningful, IMHO, except at the group level. I have never understood why we even have individual evolver scores, except maybe to show off who put the crowning touches on a team's best group effort.

Dropping priority to "3", as this ain't an earthshattering showstopper.

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