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We would like to improve the Intro Puzzles by adding new levels that have been desperately needed for some time.

Obvious levels that are currently missing include tutorials on:
Exploration puzzles, Partial threading, Changing the structure (ie sheets->helix), the ALIGN GUIDE button, and maybe even a "using recipes" level.

Are there any other Intro Puzzles that are urgently needed (that you believe would be more useful to a new Foldit player than those in the above list) ?


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behavior button

Very useful and not describe in intro puzzle.

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A few ideas:

* How to match the guide in a "quest to the native" puzzle
* How to approach de novo puzzles and explorations puzzles

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fewer intro puzzles before Quest for the Native?

I would suggest moving new folders to the current Quest for the Native puzzle after they finish Level 4-5 "Moving Along". Then when they later encounter, say, a threading puzzle they can be (optionally) invited to first complete Level 5 Sequences; when they hit a design puzzle they can be invited to do Level 6 Protein Design, and so on.

If it's possible to program that sort of flow the new folder might have the relevant tutorials fresher when they encounter each type of puzzle for the first time.

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selection interface

More easy for most of the game.
I didn't know that you can select a sphere until his morning

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Please post any comments/suggestion on the new intro levels

The Developer Preview has new intro levels that we would like you to test out.

Please post your feedback on them here: http://fold.it/portal/node/990148



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