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Ahem.... Why not put a feature in to save your predictions as pdbs

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you can do that with the standalone version of Foldit

If you need to save your PDBs for non-gaming purposes, you can use the standalone version of Foldit (designed for scientists, it has no connection to the game)

You can load and save PDBs with the standalone:

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Standalone for non-academic FoldIt players

For those of us who wish a stand-alone version for the purposes of exporting our puzzles as PDBs to third party programs, is there an avenue, a licensing, for those of us who do not have an academic (*.edu) email address?

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Hi there!

It sounds like you may need to contact CoMotion directly about it (license@uw.edu). I'm not sure you can do an express license without an edu email, though. Let us know how it goes (it could help someone else in a similar situation).

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I believe there is interest for a Linux standalone.

I do not think it's a case of "we are not releasing a standalone in Linux because nobody would use it", but rather the person that created both standalone builds did not have time to make a Linux one. That person is no longer working on Foldit and in fact the standalone version is very outdated, it doesn't even have the alignment tool.

We were actually discussing this at our Foldit meeting last week; how can we keep the standalone up to date with the game version? (since, as you well know, we are constantly adding new features to the game client, but the standalone is basically a snapshot of Foldit at some point in time).

Hopefully the next version of the standalone (whatever and whenever that will be, depending on who we can find to work on this) will have a Linux build... just don't ask for a 64-bit version :-)


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