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I have no idea how easy this would be to implement but I think it ought to be simple.

So currently if there is contact at an intersection there is a black dot in the square, that square can be various shades of red to indicate value, a black box turns on when an intersection is selected. I think it would be fantastic if a box of a different colour would turn on to indicate band positions.

Now it would be really super awesome if you could create the bands in the contact map for greater accuracy... however that might get more complicated on the implimentation and might make life too easy for us. ;-) But a girl can dream can't she?

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Yes, banding via contact map would be cool.
My thinking is to mark contact you need then use special button "add bands".
Band are already placed should be visible as another color in contact map too.

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That is a great suggestion, assigning...

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imho it is faster to make bands manually than to find the right box on the contact map to create a band but perhaps I'm missing something?

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Not if you want to add a band for every selected cell on the contact map...

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Maybe not every but sometimes I want to made over 10 bands in "proper" places. This can be very usefull.


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