Lost Undo info when switching tracks

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Lost of Undo info when switching tracks!

Hi, Tracks are great so far.


b1) One thing I noticed, it would be a plus to have the Undo history switch with the tracks. That way you could make one or more tracks of a Rebuild results and then switch back to your current track and continue as if you did not "save" to a new track.

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IMO it will be impossible. Track are specially for separate different solutions in one account.
If you want "merge" solutions just make manual save form each track, create new track and load solutions one by one.

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Not looking to "merge" solutions but to preserve "Undo" information WITH the tracks.

So 1) a newly created track will have NO "Undo" info available (as we have currently until you do something) but 2) an old track (default or player created) would "restore" WITH its old "Undo" info intact.

Hope this makes more sense.

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You thinking about:
- do something on track A (A undo full)
- create track B
- do something on track B (B undo full)
- switch back to track A - undo A restored ?

This can be useful, but afik undo is only in memory, not on disk, and it may be simply impossible.

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Right thinking!

As for implementation, I guess it would involve doing a binary dump from memory to a file (in the same location as the track) and reversing the process to restore. Similar to the track creation and restoration.

My guess is that all "Undo" steps are «like / identical to» an internal save to a «track in memory»

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Bump and change to suggestion.
Undo graph can be saved/restored per track, or maybe when we close client etc?


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