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Hello folders :)
As you can see there is much old bumped feedback threads.
To see active (open) ones plz use "OPEN" tab on feedback page.
As is mentioned http://fold.it/portal/node/987997 it will be soon default view.

If you see that I accidentally close not resolved issue just reopen it and bump :)


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Still cleaning :)

I is still over 800 open tickets now, so I start collecting same old topics in one new.
This is first I do: http://fold.it/portal/node/990207

Waiting for some response, it is good or unwanted way to clean some old ideas/bugs/troubles.

Also waiting for some way to do temporary disable CAPTHA by some special password, it is slowing me down badly ;] I have to type it every time...

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thanks Rav3n_pl!

we are aware of the annoying CAPTCHA bug and are working on fixing that.

We really appreciate your patience with it and thank you for still cleaning up the feedbacks despite having to type it in every single time!

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Even typing it in every time

Even typing it in every time fails, after a few posts it shuts down posting completely, even if the CAPTCHA is entered correctly.

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IRC summary

Created summary for all crash feedbacks related to IRC connection lost bug.
This is no1 priority imo.


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