Can't see new puzzle

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Opened on:Saturday, May 28, 2011 - 00:42
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There is a new puzzle visible on the "Puzzles" page but it doesn't show up in the client.

Obviously some needs to be done soon to fix this.

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Have you updated your client since the last release? You wont be able to see this new puzzle unless you have the latest update.

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No, there was no mention that this was necessary, either on the front page or in the new puzzle Comments section.

Why is this required? It's usually a bad idea to update the client for the first week or so, so all the bugs can get fixed first. I can't tell you how many times I have had to load a backup of the install because of a botched upgrade package.

BTW, your SPAM filter is *very* annoying, every single post in any area seems to trigger it.

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The update is necessary because newer puzzles require features that are not in the old client. If you attempted to run them in the old client, they might misbehave and/or crash.

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We posted the exact same update in the Developer Preview earlier this week and have resolved all the bugs reported by the players who were kind enough to be guinea pigs and test it out (despite losing solutions and having Foldit crash a bunch) so thanks again to those players for suffering through all that for the benefit of everyone else.

We have many new important puzzles that we are eager to post (see David Baker's blogpost from today: that rely on this new update.

We don't want you only have beginner puzzles to play for the next week, so hopefully this new update is stable enough to warrant the new puzzles.

We will be monitoring the feedback tracker all weekend for any new bugs due to the update and attempt to post a fix as soon as we can.


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