This morning's update - grrrrrrrr!

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Puzzle 422 reset itself to de novo. I've lost my current best scoring solution and an alternate solution I was working with last night. And no, I did not fry my hard drive this time. Help!

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The translation file is also destroyed

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Is the translation file still broken with the newest update in main?

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Update kills sometimes all auto saves including very/absolute/credit bests.
Only option to avoid it is manual save. Or make a copy of entire foldit and restore it and skip update.

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I haven't had this problem in previous updates. And why would it kill Marie's translation file?

You may well be right, Rav3n. But what a bloody stupid glitch. Surely there's a way to avoid overwriting active solutions and translation files.

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I have "locale" folder created in main foldit directory - there I have my translation safe.

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Looks like update is killing autosaves from "default" track anyway.
Good I use another track...

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Closing as old.


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