Absolute Best / Credit Best (We need your feedback)

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We are discussing making absolute best be functionally equivalent to credit best, and removing credit best.

It seems to me that on puzzles where they are functionally different, absolute best usually ends up being worthless anyways.

Can anyone provide an argument for why you would want to use absolute best instead of credit best?

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In exploration puzzles,absolute best is like credit best. But I think what we need in exploration puzzles is "stability best" to make a better shape at the end. I dont think a button is necessary if we have it in LUA.

In old puzzles with constraints, absolute best was necessary for the phase of the game until you have solved the constraints.

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I think that Pletsch's solution is best for this situation.

I would also take issue with not having a button or HotKey for something like Absolute Best, or Credit Best, or Stability Best. Not all of us are script writers and only having a functionality like this available in scripts is doing a dis-service to the rest of us.

I think we need all three save options - Absolute Best, Credit Best, and Stability Best, in each session.

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Master reset + automatic save as quickfix.
Permament solution as Pletsch wrote.

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when the constraints haven't yet been met, i think the credit best score doesn't get set. The absolute best score is very useful during this early stage, and sometimes useful while the puzzle is still near the constraint-satisfying transition.

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The only time I've found it useful is in evolver mode; when you've evolved from one solution, then a higher solution comes out, it can differentiate the newly loaded evo, vs the previously evolved (that you got credit for). TO be honest though, I don't think I'd miss it.

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"why you would want to use absolute best instead of credit best?"

In exploration puzzle we need "best stability". One of those can be used for that.
IE abs best as exploration best and credit best as stability best.
Or "just" add another "best" because I feel we will have soon exploration + condition where abs best will be best score and no condition and credit best will be best score on condition met ;]

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To be honest, I'd prefer neither. A global best button would be ideal, in my eyes.

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I can see where the difference is useful when you have not actually met the constraints of a puzzle and wish to go to a higher scoring solution and try to meet the constraints with a better shape, however this is something that can be covered by saving a high score manually before exploring another attempt at the puzzle. i agree ... thanks

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It was some thime since we have conditioned and/or exploration puzlle.
I see you not even do tutorials or play any science puzzle and I`m not sure why you toalking about constraints?

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Pletsches idea is interesting.

I concur with Brick

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As far as I can tell, this has been effectively resolved with the creation of tracks.


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