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I think accesible for all informations would be very nice:
- a roadmap - how team see foldit should be in future,
- timeline of upcomming client updates, including new features
- deadlines for removing bugs
- current pririty list

I knowh that team resources are limited, but that kind of informations will make some order in feedback and forum.

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yes to much compitition restricts the free flow of imformation that is needed for everyone to understand the best of foldit. i think information and scripts should be shared for everyone to use. there is a lot of information that is being posted off site and therefor cant every be of use to the whole community of foldit. i think it would be much better shareing openly all the work we do on the public foram and public script sights inside foldit. too often information is horded and lost, just so some groups can win. by sharing we all win.

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some of the things that would help are .
Rotatable screen shots that we could share with everyone on the group chat .
Short videos of banding and hand building techniques.
shared desktop so people could share how to do different methoids.
Have a shared open evo for people not in groups . so that beginners can work on other solutions.
More advanced tutorials. the intros are great but we need medium and advanced tutorials also.

we also need.

more shareing between groups.
a way to have evos truly be evos not just go from .999 to 1.000
a better way to share the winning solutions at the end of a puzzle.
master class tutorials in denovo puzzles and guide matching.

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I agree with these comments. I recognise that the team is small and doing the best they can but maybe the powers-that-be can allocate them more resources and people. I would hire Mark to make a tutorial video on his techniques - he obviously knows things the rest of us don't.

The point about sharing solutions of closed puzzles is very improtant. Ideally we need to be able to explore other people's (and our own) solutions after puzzles have closed - download them and play. In starcraft2 you can examine the game of the other player in detail and it drives innovation at a tremendous rate and there are no secrets.

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thanks tony great ideas i agree with being able to explore the solutions in detail. it would allow players to realy understand the game much better. and yes if we could understand how to build structure better everyone would benefit. thanks :)

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Most important (for me anyway) is some kind of release notes:
date: xxxx-xx-xx
versino no: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
+ added feature
- removed
* fixed
... etc.

Current/upcoming lua updates also should be somehow documented :)

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I agree with rav that a current priority list is a good idea, it would be very difficult for anyone to look at the feedback and forum and understand what is still relevant and generally considered necessary by a consensus of players.

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Open cases = 938

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Some things could easily be closed and cleaned out, there are Open Urgents from December 2008 which are no longer relevant.
IMHO - Ideally everyone would check their own cases and close them if applicable; that would be a start.

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Closed some of them.
But it should be default filter for not showing closed/done/resolved by default.
We now need bump that feedbacks which are actual.

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Updating case information.


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