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good morning, I downloaded the foldit program onto my computer, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I played the first game, but really I didn't join to play games.

I assumed that if I just left the program it would use my computer when i am not using it. Is this wrong?


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Maybe you were thinking of running Rosetta on your computer?

Foldit is an offshoot of the Rosetta project, both from the Baker Lab. Rosetta folds similar proteins to what we fold here, but there it is automated to run when you are not using your computer. You would need to install the Boinc client and attach to the Rosetta project. Here we take the more manual approach to folding proteins

Full details of Rosetta can be found here:

Details and download of the Boinc client can found here (the client can also be downloaded from the Rosetta site):



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Thanks for taking care of this, Mark.

And thanks for running Rosetta@home, ianmordant.


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