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100% newbie here. I appreciate the idea and wanted to try.

1. Nice I could find a guest login ;-)

2. Bad I have to download exe file. I'll never do !

3. Well I *did* download and run foldit.exe. However it requires administrators password.
(Windows 7 without SP)

4. Not obvious I indeed have to run exe. Is there a java version of anything? Guess not.

5. I would unpack zip file doing the install by hand, but, I do not have .zip.
(Renaming exe to zip does not work either)

6. Even the linux pack contains binary. And cannot find sources.

7. God to have a welcome message. However, I was not able to find it for a while,
its very *tiny* under the Filter secteion.

8. Nice to meet you. You did not get administrator exec permission, sorry.

All the best

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Well it is a shame that you were not able to try Foldit after downloading it.
Windows operating system requires that you have administrator rights to install software on the computer. It is a security precaution. Whoever owns the computer or has admin rights can install Foldit for you.

You do also need to create a Foldit account to play, that is free, and just requires you to have an email address.

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Installer need admin rights to run. It always will.
Game is NOT open source - that's why no sources in linux.



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