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Hi all, i just asked me how the bands are numbered, e.g. i create 20 bands and work with the first one in my recipe, i delete band 1 then work with the second...

both didn't work properly for me so i just wanted to ask how i get the number of each band...

The first time i thought it is everytime one band there so band 1 would be all the time one band but recipe crashed and rewrote my recipe, now i delete one band and increment the working band so:
work with band 1
delete band 1
work with band 2
delete band 2
<-- here is my problem since i don't come here to band 3 although i got many bands there...
so i hope you can answer my question how the bands are counted...

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Can't answer the question sorry - but you could look at one of the Quake recipes and see how they manage bands and band changes.

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We not have tools to "mark" or read bands data.
Only way to accomplish your task is:
make table
{1,1,25,nil,1}, --if nil not setting lenght
{2,15,44,4,0.5), --etc
bandNo - band number
sS - start segment
sE - end segment
bLen - len of band
bStr - strength of band

and fill it w bands data you want and use it: delete all bands, set that you want to use, wiggle, whatever, delete bands...

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try working from the top down when you're deleting. it may still be buggy, but it won't be quite as prone to bugs.

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yes, it can work

while true do
local i=get_band_count()
if i>1 then

... [code]

else --if no bands left
break --while loop
end --if
end --while

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Thanks all so for my uses all works... thank you all!

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We "just" need ability to read:
get_band_start(x) --start segment (lower number)
get_band_end(x) --end segment (higher number)

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I think to select bands would be useful... so i want to start here the suggestion for the feature adding script support for selecting bands and also getting information about bands. With this we can also use select_all_bands()
and not by adding the number for the band so just as the segments we must select them then... one step more but wonderful if more actions will be done with more then 1 band!

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