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As we can save/load structure the current state of bands can be saved/loaded?
In freestyle puzzle after hours I found proper (to my eye) order of sheets.
Because rebuild tool not working as I want faster way would be save bands, reset puzzle, load bands and wiggle on low CI to place sheets.

Best way would be ignore loops and move sheets freely or use alignment editor... (as posted earlier) ;]

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Small bump.
Some thing like and bands.load would be sometimes helpful.

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Only if it is disabled when in evolver mode (or at least memory erased when changing from evolver to solo mode).

So the command would be like:

This would be quite practical for recipes if we want to keep user bands, e.g. before a GAB session.

Why disabling when in evolver mode?

Imagine the following situation, starting with a shared (evolver) solution.

[add a lot of bands]
StartOver() --> WARNING, implicitly, we come to soloist, are we?

Isn't it an open door for recipes reproducing a shared solution as fake "soloist"?
See discussions here:

So, ok only if the memory is set to nil when changing from evolver to solo "reset" mode. Or if the command StartOver() does not change us to solo mode when we are in evo. Or any other idea.


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