Problem with T-cell Lymphoma Invasion Protein physics?

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I've stumbled upon an odd development while working the T-cell Lymphoma Invasion Protein.

The loop between 9-Isoleucine and 15-Phenylalanine is acting strangely. At the end of a rebuild script, the highest scoring structure had this loop literally bent back upon itself (see figure1.png). When I tried to rebuild it manually, it stretched out to freakish proportions, and the score dropped to negative infinity. (Well, close enough.) I was too flabbergasted to get a screenshot.

When I did manage to get the loop back into a more reasonable shape, I shook the sidechains. 11-Lysine decided to then bury itself INSIDE the backbone (see figure2.png and figure3.png for before and after photos).

I call "BUG!" This protein ain't behavin'.

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Changing "Type" to "Bug".

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It looks to me like ci=0 rebuild resoult, not a bug...

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Actually, it's a feature rather than a bug :-)

According to the developers' official reply ( see ), the abnormal backbone in the 9-15 loop was intentional because several residues were missing.

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Thanks for pointing to that, infjamc... Closing feedback.

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Marking as resolved.


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