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In the undo graph could we preview the score ?

Undo graph - Shown with preview score enabledUndo graph - Shown with preview score enabled

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Yes, when mouse over, would be helpfull.

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It would be nice if you could see the score for a section of the Undo graph in the Original Interface, even while a recipe is still running. The score could appear if you move the mouse over the section or press Tab there. Just having numbers on the vertical axis of this graph would help. Several Feedbacks (listed below) have mentioned this idea, but I think none of these Feedbacks are at present Open:


Seems worth a bump to me.

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Does the UNDO graph show the Exlporation score or the energy (classic) score?

Also, it seems the 'A' hotkey restores the Exploration High Score, not the Energy High Score, so it's pretty impossible to use it to get a good fold. Using endless saved solutions is very slow and cumbersome.

And I won't mention using multiple accounts to keep track of the different solutions being examined....

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This feature would be useful, in longer undo we not see up/down.

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Looking into adding this feature. Shouldn't be too difficult. It should be using the game score, I'll check and make sure.

Also, any reason this was upped to 1-High priority? Those are usually reserved for game breaking things like crashes, data corruption, things that make it impossible for users to play.

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I believe the priority change was more to the 'A' key function issue, not the UNDO graph.

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forgot to assign


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