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It seems like many people are having trouble with juggling the two scores. I made this suggestion in Case number: 845833-989496, but I thought it was worth making a separate feedback for. I think there could be two different solutions to this:

Have a simple checkbox that could switch between normal and exploratory scores, as the "best score" value. Scripts that behave based off of these scores will simply get your protein in a different conformation, completely ignoring, and destroying the normal score. To be able to switch back and forth between which score is bing focused on, could allow you to focus on one at a time, and again, enable many scripts.

2) I think this one would probably be the best solution:
Another work around would be to incorporate the normal score into the exploratory score via some algorithm. The issue is coming up with an algorithm that will incorporate both scores, and weigh them as desired. Negative values could become an issue in doing this; a solution to that would be making -999999.999 absolute zero, similar to temperature, so that all values are positive.

An example algorithm would be something like this:
Y=normal score
X=exploration score
Z=overall score

Z = X*((Y+999999.999)/999999.999)^3

I've attached a 3D graph of what this equation would look like with the following parameters

Y Axis Minimum =-999,999.9 X Axis Minimum = 0 Z Axis Minimum = 0
Y Axis Maximum =20,000 X Axis Maximum = 40,000 Z Axis Maximum = 42448.32

An equation something along these lines would be best.

Also, I think if you go with this solution, it would be nice to have both scores displayed in the drop down area below the main score.

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Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

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Remember: With or without script APIs, the Exploratory_Score will only count once the Segment_Score (i.e. Normal Score) meets or exceeds the Condition_Score. All three (3) scores - Exploratory Score, Segment Score, Condition Score - need to be displayed, somewhere outside of the contact map (tool).

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Never mind. I found all of them, beneath the heads-up display (just click on the white arrow)

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One fix could be to start the puzzle with the Segment_score and Condition_Score already showing.

Exploratory Puzzle - Shown with score conditionsExploratory Puzzle - Shown with score conditions

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Yes, conditions open by default when start/loda puzzle.

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Can you change the font color and the font : little and red are very difficult to read

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The reason that I suggested this new scoring system, was because I spent a few hours just trying to get above the threshold normal score, and couldn't. I think this is the source of greatest frustration for many players; playing for hours, and not even getting on the board (at least it was for me).

That algorithm could be adjusted so that the score would accelerate at a different area, or it could be weighted differently, to give more importance to exploration, or score. I just find it hard to believe that I'll find myself playing for hours, and then not getting anything out of it.

Even if you could switch back and forth between which score was counted as the "best score," you could diversify and then settle still using the same scripts, etc...

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Make a bit lower or 2-stage condition?
Double scoreboard for puzzle?
Geting that high condition is really pain.
Or maybe post one that already meets the condition?

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We agree it's wrong that it is so hard to even just get on the scoreboard, and we're discussing solutions solutions to remedy this.

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Exploration puzzles deprecated. Closing.


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