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I just won't be participating in these puzzles. It's an inconsistent mess IMO. Having the Exploration Score displayed in the same way as the "Score" score of a normal puzzle is just a huge mistake. Throwing it out to the general puzzle solving population with no Intro Puzzle training is a huge mistake.
The interface needs to be consistent. The score needs to mean the same thing from puzzle to puzzle. The fact that we can't restore best segment score is a big mistake. This isn't ready IMO.

ugh! It's like swapping the oil pressure meter with the speedometer in a car. bleh.

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I must agree anthion.
The idea of the puzzle method is ok, but without a consistent and fully functional interface these puzzles won't get solved properly.

Also i want to add that the script function getting the score must get splitted! The Exploration score you get now from the get_score() function is a secondary score and should also be handled like this. The normal score must be available for the recipes. So i suggest to reset the function of get_score(bool) getting the normal score and add a function called like get_exploration_score(bool) or get_exp_score(bool).

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Another possible solution might be adding an option for the user to choose which definition of "score" to use when functions that refer to the score (without qualification) are invoked-- for example, reset recent/very best. At the same time, functions that explicitly refer to a specific score (as opposed to the other) will have to be added; the same can be said of autosaves, for which two sets of solutions are now needed (one based on the exploration score and one based on the segment score).

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Modified scoring function can be used in scripts as for now:

function PuzzleScore(exp)
local s=0
if exp==true then
for i=1,get_segment_count() do
end --for
else --if exp
end --if
return s
end --function

sc=PuzzleScore() --in expl puzzles returns expl score
--in normal puzzle score
In expl puzzles it can be used for checking that is imrovement after operation we done

sc=PuzzleScore(true) --in expl puzzles return puzzle score
--in normal puzzles too, but -8000 :)
In expl puzzles it can be used for checking that we still (or finally) have minimum segments score to expl score counts.

Some old scripts using segment score counting instead of new get_score(true) can work good :)

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Out of curiosity, by

"Having the Exploration Score displayed in the same way as the "Score" score of a normal puzzle is just a huge mistake."

do you mean that the Exploration Score is displayed in the top-center of the screen?

As far as intro training, I realize there are currently no intro levels for these puzzles, but there should be a link to the wiki which has both a text and video overview of these puzzles.

The ability to get the Exploration Score and Score separately is something we were considering, and we may end putting that in.

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Exploration puzzles have been deprecated. Closing.


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