Suggestions for ease of processing multiple solutions

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Opened on:Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 03:02
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There was a discussion in global chat today regarding the problem mentioned in -- namely, the fact that some people choose to have multiple accounts because the "Reset Very Best" feature could destroy alternative trajectories by mistake (and could be mislabeled as cloners as a result of this practice). The following solutions were suggested:

1. Include a warning dialog for setting and resetting the Very Best/Credit Best/Recent Best solutions. This prevents overwriting solutions by mistake.

2. The existing Quicksave feature could be expanded so that each quicksave has its own array of very best/credit best/recent best solutions. This allows players to use one quicksave slot for each new trajectory and work on multiple trajectories simultaneously.

3. Another option is to introduce the idea of a "secondary account," which has to be linked to a "primary account" (which has full privileges). The accounts are separate in the sense that they can each have its own very best/credit best/recent best solutions, but they are linked in the following manner:

a) Only the account designated as "primary" will be eligible for ranking; if a higher score is achieved on the secondary account, the credit is counted on the primary account.
b) Solutions may be transferred between the primary and secondary accounts (and in soloist mode, as it is assumed that the two accounts will be controlled by the same individual).

==> This also allows for experimenting with multiple trajectories, in the sense that each account would handle one trajectory. It's also useful if a group of players wish to play as a team without cluttering the scoreboard.

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Very good ideas!

Would be great to have something positive and useful come out of this whole mess!

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Thank you for these suggestions, infjamc!

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I think "tracks" update is that we want :)


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