can we have colored bands?

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Colored bands could allow recipe writers to designate.


(R)red - low-scoring bands
(O)orange - hydrophobics/hydrophilic only
(Y)yellow - proceeding band
(G)green - preceding band
(B)blue - high-scoring bands
(I)indigo - hydrophilic/hydrophobics only
(V)violet - variable-strength bands

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Great idea sea :)

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Hmm? How band can be high or low scoring?

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You set the band color in recipe. It can mean whatever you want. A high-scoring band may draw the most points in recipe, compared to bands to other segments.

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Let's not forget the hopelessly colorblind amongst us, if we choose to go that route.

I can see all of six colors in this game: black, white, grey, blue, red, and either green or yellow (but not both, since they appear identical to me). Black and white are out for bands, since they are the two colors you can choose for the background of your protein. I believe bands are already colored two different shades of grey: the darker shade for active bands and the lighter shade for the inactive bands. So that leaves adding blue, red, and yellow or green.

What do we gain from coloring bands, since color is unrelated to function?

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As recipe writers, we gain another dimension of detail we can provide to the user. All of the colors I've chosen are already in the game. It is my hope colored bands can provide another dimension of visual feedback to the user. Usually when a recipe stops, the bands remain.

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Thanks, we'll look into this idea.

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