Rubber Bands: Allow them to anchor to each other

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Opened by:soopahman
Opened on:Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 08:12
Last modified:Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 19:54

It would be nice if multiple rubber bands could anchor at the same point, and that one point could then be dragged around freely, taking all the rubber bands attached at that point with it. This would allow you to, for example, anchor 5 points to the left and right of a curve and gradually reshape it with the tension produced by moving these 2 anchor points as the protein folds step by step.

To clarify:
1) Drag rubber band end to somewhere in the void.
2) Drag another rubber band end to the same place in the void.
3) Before dropping, the first rubber band end becomes larger and highlighted to indicate you're about to attach these 2 rubber band ends together.
4) Drop the rubber band end, causing the 2 rubber bands to become bound at this point.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 as many times as you like to tie as many rubber bands to this anchor as you prefer.

1) Drag the anchor point of the many rubber bands
All rubber bands anchored there shift their endpoint in tandem rather than having to drag each one at a time.

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I would love this feature.

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They can can anchor them to each other, up to 4 of them, if they're also anchored to a single atom (Menu >> View >> Stick view) but what you want is to band them in space?

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Great idea!

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Yes this would help control multiple bands at once attached to an arbitrary point in space.

I frequently want to pull something apart which requires at least one rubber band pulling outwards into the void. Often doing this precisely requires multiple bands. Once I wiggle the structure briefly, I now need to adjust where these bands are pulling towards to continue to get just the pull I'm aiming for. Wiggle briefly, adjust bands, wiggle... etc. If the point the bands have in common could be dragged instead of dragging each one by one it would be a major time savings.

Obviously this task has other available efficiencies like whole shapes in the void to act as anchors for groups of bands, but that's for another feature request.

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Additional "lock current band length" needed for his. I mean set band as non-rubber :) OR maybe another class of bands?

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I agree on "lock current band length" but that might belong in a different bug. For that I would actually recommend being able to set a band strength, which you've actually done a good job of aggregating already in the following feature request.


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