Player change group: what about evo? group scripts?

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One of our players left to another team.
Looks like he "take" our evo too.
Is this possible? Does change of group makes "old" evos unavailable to that player?

Second question is: what about group scripts?

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Yes, that's an odd one, it shouldnt happen - like first joining a group, you shouldnt be able to contribute til the next new puzzle.

As for scripts, they'll no longer have access to them, unless they have a duplicate account that remains in group. But since they're stored locally, they'll still be able to use any they've already downloaded.


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Since AD touts themselves as an "OPEN" group, what does it matter?

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Open group means anyone can join w/o additional authorization.
I`m only asking about possibility of "taking away" our best evo fold.
I`m pretty sure it cannot be shared, but IMO player should can not use it more after he left group.
I`m not carry much about mine scripts (most of them is public anyway) but there is few "old" group scripts what should not leave its place.


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