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I firstly tried <150 version of this puzzle. It went pretty smooth and I managed to get decent score (btw higher than the first player in same score-unrestricted puzzle).
As I was unable to save my solution and simply load it in higher competition puzzle I decided to try it all again. I know pretty much what I did in my previous attempt.
Now I am trying for another few hours to do the exact same thing. I am patient and aware that things here know to be a bit "relative" but this is getting silly. Whole client seems stuck in a quite sophisticated way. For example: Behavior setting sometimes works on-the-fly, sometimes doesnt. Everything seems slow and sluggish. I did try to restart FoldIt few times during first and second attempt for various reasons.
I also noticed (in both cases) that supposedly scenario "locked" parts do move relative to each other. Just throw a look at my screenshot as a proof. I saw it happen 3-4 times at least but not always resulting in clashes.
I play FoldIt from time to time for some year now and more I play it the more I feel it as being concealed experiment in behavioral economics and not about proteins at all. :D

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like I`m not the only one who can broke locked puzzle :) Good job!

Anyway rebuild/shake/wiggle routines are random, so even if you so exactly same steps 2 times on same puzzle form same start point you get different results.


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