Who's responsible for what?

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I assume that when you choose a specific person in the "Assign to" window of these feedbacks, it generates a notice for that person to review your post.

It might prove more efficient if we could have a list of who is responsible for the various projects of the game. I never know to whom I should address my concerns. Several of them have lingered here for months with no response. Bad assigning? Or are those feedbacks not worth addressing?

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I second that.

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Re-assigning to Seth. Would really like to get requests to the right person.

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This is a great question Boots, and we've discussed getting rid of the "Assign to" field entirely and replacing it with a "Question Type" field that would send it to the proper person automatically, but as with most of the unanswered feedbacks we just haven't been able to get to that yet.

To answer your question:

Any biochemistry or specific puzzle feedbacks should go to me: beta_helix
Any server, recipes or language translation feedbacks should go to: ilya.makedon
Any new Intro Level feedbacks should go to: jflat06
Any features or changes to the game or tools should go to: Seth Cooper
Any high level questions about Foldit should go to: Zoran

We do realize how behind we are on feedbacks, we are trying to catch up now that Seth is back, but don't hesitate to re-assign or simply 'bump' important or highly voted feedbacks that are urgent. Thanks for your patience.


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