Change the font in the game display!

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Opened on:Friday, January 28, 2011 - 02:35
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Ugh. The type font in the game display is awful. The characters are spaced too closely together; and they are too narrow. My aging eyes are having a dickens of a time trying to read what's on the screen. Have pity.

Please change the font back to what it was! That's got to be easy to do.

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Changing Assignment...

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Odd. For me new fonts looks way better (more sharp).
Do client use system fonts or some own?

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Even better would be providing the option for the user to choose the font(s) being displayed in the game...

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Sigh - my eyes are even older - I find the new font easier...

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You're not a day over 39, auntdeen. :-)

I guess a trip to my optometrist is in order. But I still say the new fonts are nearly unreadable.

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We needed a new font to handle more characters for translation. If anyone knows any preferable unicode fonts, please suggest them.

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Maybe some of standard UTF8 M$ fonts?

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Either the fonts were revised with an update, or I have been miraculously blessed with better vision.

Either way, consider this issue resolved.


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