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396: Return of the Foldit Challenge Puzzle
Status: Closed


Name: 396: Return of the Foldit Challenge Puzzle
Status: Closed
Created: 01/25/2011
Points: 100
Expired: 02/05/2011 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: The native solution for this protein will be released soon, so we wanted to give you one last chance to work on it. This time we are giving you 9 different Rosetta models as starts and 10 days to work on it. Each time you reset the puzzle it will randomly select one of these 9 structures and all 9 starts are also available in your Template Reserve in the Alignment Tool (as well as an extended chain conformation). See the Puzzle Comments for more info.

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Alignment Tool info

Even though the sequences for all 10 structures (the 9 Rosetta models and the 1 extended conformation) in the Alignment Tool are all identical, threading them will give you very different results. We hope that you can use partial threading to combine different regions from each of the 9 starting Rosetta models.

Remember that by clicking on the 'Score' button on the top right of the Alignment Tool, you can see the name of each model ('model1', 'model2', etc., and 'extend' for the extended chain conformation) so that you can easily differentiate between the 9 different Rosetta models. You can go back to the alignment score (which is useless for this puzzle since all the sequences are identical) by toggling the 'Name' button:

More partial threading instructions are here:


" ...

14. Set Partial Threading: To thread a subset of your query sequence, select a region (by clicking, double clicking, or shift clicking to select more letters) in the query sequence, click this button to highlight it and thread [5].

15. Clear Partial Threading: Click on this button to clear the partial threading region you previously selected and return to the entire alignment.


buttons 14 & 15 are the two gray squares above "Name" in the above picture.

More info is provided here by Foldit player gramps:

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cant find out where the games are on here

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For anyone else new to Foldit, here are instructions for you to get started:


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No_aparece_ningun_comando_en el_juego_como_se_muestra_en_las graficas_voy_en_el_tercer_modulo del_primer_nivel_espero_alguien_pueda_ayudarme.

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above killing page layout. Plz edit (delete?) it.

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Re: Rhol_2

Bienvenidos al Foldit.

Existe documentación en el Wiki español sobre los niveles de introducción ( http://es.foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Acertijos_de_Introducción ), pero la información allí es un poco obsoleto ahora como resultado de una actualización reciente-- algunos de los niveles ya no existen o fueron re-numerados. Creo que es mejor visitar el foro ( http://fold.it/portal/forum/5 ) o la página de retroalimentación ( http://fold.it/portal/feedback ) para que más gente vea tu pregunta. Además, puede adjuntar una captura de pantalla para demonstrar la falta del comando que ha mencionado.

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