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I just installed Foldit on another system and wanted to continue playing the "real" puzzles. But it seems like i have to play the introduction again every time i install the game. If this is the case: WHy are there online accounts???? If not: how to skip?

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not have to do intros again, you may skip them.
Torturial progress is stored offline in foldit directory.

If you installing on same OS just make full copy of foldit directory and overwrite new installation.

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Argh. Moi aussi.

Same problem for me. I'm on a Mac, OS 10.5. I fried my hard drive a week ago in the middle of tweeking the chicken protein. I downloaded Foldit on to our PC. Foldit recognized me (same name, same password), but thinks I need to play the Intros again. I can't get to my best chicken score - Foldit wants me to start over. Today I'm back on my Mac with a new hard drive and after reinstalling, I get the same problem.

Any ideas, yall?

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I'm on Win7 and never had any

I'm on Win7 and never had any luck with overwriting when I've changed computers or reinstalled... if you do one level of the intro, you can get to the regular puzzle menu. Don't think you can regain the chicken score unless you had saved it and then uploaded it to yourself.

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If you not "shared for yourself" the only usable for you copy is fried on broken hdd - you cant get it back.


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