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i started to translate it into German. (I wonder why im the first)
But i encountered a problem: i dont know exactly what to do now.


i put the foldit.mo file into the desired directory, according to what my log.txt says.
Here is what it says: core.init: command: G:\foldit\foldit.exe -database cmp-database-307d41cd20e292f4c5d928df7ed9e08b/minirosetta_database -resources cmp-resources-feac59fd1572efdfc1dd9e48cd7aee09/resources -interactive_game novice -boinc_url https://fold.it/
What hopefully means the "cmp-resources-feac59fd1572efdfc1dd9e48cd7aee09/resources" Folder is where it gets it resources.
I've put the foldit.mo into the exact directory: "C:\ProgramData\foldit\cmp-resources-feac59fd1572efdfc1dd9e48cd7aee09\resources\locale\de\LC_MESSAGES"
And also in: "...\resources\de\LC_MESSAGES" because the original String in log.txt does not contain a "local" Folder.
Then i added a LANGUAGE environment variable for my user and for the System, called LANGUAGE, with the Term: "de" in it.

But the Programm was still in english.

What did i wrong?

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Marie_s in Chat told me to do this:
Q: How do I try out the Foldit Developer Preview?
A: Locate your Foldit data directory (see previous question). Open the file options.txt and change the update_group variable from "main" to "beta".

That should also be in the WIKI entry.


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More Updates

Why is it impossbile to fold the normal Puzzles in BETA-Mode? It also crash when i try to load any.


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FreakySmiley, are you still

FreakySmiley, are you still having trouble getting your translation to work? I'll gladly help you with that.


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Hi, no, i found out how to


no, i found out how to do. I've also seen that Msuchard edited the Wiki-Page corresponding to translating Foldit. Thanks to that.

The only question i have is, why do I cant play the current Puzzles in Dev-Mode? The Game also crashs when i try to play any of these special-Dev-Puzzles. So, im unable to see if many of my (Currently only mine) Translations are correctly sized.
I've also seen, that there are some Words and Phrases u cant translate. Like whats in that "View"-Menu, or "Getting Puzzles...". That makes me think of the available File for translating (The "foldit_vol1.pot") as an old Version.



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