"Restore credit best"-button untranslateable and useless

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Im not able to translate the "Restore credit best"-button. Im not sure what it does and if its really needed, also. I think not.
So my suggestion ist to remove this button.


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Damn, why do im not able to delete the Feedback i made? Another Suggestion is: Implement a "delete this Feedback"-button.

And what is that Assign to field? :)


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The restore credit best button is needed on some puzzles that have conditions attached to them. In these puzzles all the conditions must be met before your score will count. So, you could have reached 10k points without meeting the required conditions, so that would be your 'very best', even though it doesn't actually count because you have not met the conditions. You may have met all the conditions with a score of 9k earlier, so that would be your actual best (credit best) and what you would see on the scoreboard. 'Restore credit best' takes you back to the highest score that actually counts on these types of puzzles and they can be very difficult to do without this button.

Imagine that the red lines you see on the latest 391 puzzle are constraints and that if you have a red line showing your score will not count. Credit best would be the highest score you attained without any red lines.


P.S. Agree with the comments about the "Assign to" field. That should be up to admin/devs to fill in.

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Ah, ok.

I think it can be closed then.


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