Some feedback on tutorials

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Some feedback on tutorials

1-3 hide the hydrophobics
Hide the hydrophobics is not easy to understand because the protein is so little than "out" and "in" is not easy to see.
2-4 triple pack
No need to freeze to complete this puzzle, previous tools are sufficient. Lock and lower is a better puzzle to introduce freeze tool.
4-1 basic threading
This puzzle is too easy so people dont understand the concept of threading.
The word Threading is not easy for people with bad knowledge of english language.
4-3 A major shift
This one is difficult to understand and to explain.May be more explaination maybe useful on the 2 proteins and the process.
5-3 Flipping sheets
Hard to do but maybe its a bug.
5-5 Moving along
Difficult because players try before see the trick on the right button and dont reset.

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