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Hi! I was thinking that if I solve a protein, I should get a percentage of future monetary profits earned through it's use.

I think this is an obvious issue, but I have not yet seen it addressed on this site.

I also think that if monetary prizes were immediately awarded for solving a protein, MANY more people would get involved.

Perhaps an immediate small reward (maybe $5 to $100?) should be given for solving a puzzle, and then the solver should also be given a future percentage of any monetary profits earned through the implementation of the protein.

That way, players are guaranteed immediate, certain rewards for solving, and they are also guaranteed a percentage of future profits for solving.

I think this incentive structure would get MANY more people and corporations involved.

Does this seem appropriate or feasible?


Thom Blair III

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I don't disagree but I for

I don't disagree but I for one am not in it for the money. If faced with the money, I could always just decline to accept it.

No the other side of this issue is under discussion is here:


That is to say if we are NOT being paid, well we want our work product protected none the less.

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i DISagree

there a few problums...
1: we get to play for free in a monetary sense
2: just because we solve a protien dosnt mean that it was already previously solved by scientists, and so the max we could earn from it is about 1-5 cents
3: its ment as a fun thing... they provided us with a game we pay with what we unlock


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