How can I join the project or access the sources?

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I have been working on search algorithms for solving games over the past years and currently I am working at a bioinformatics department of a university in Europe. I have been looking at foldit from a far for a while and I would love to start a project on one of two items, but I don't know how to start. The two things are: (1) building search algorithms to aid the human players of foldit; and (2) see how game-tree search algorithms can perform compared to human players in foldit. The domain is extremely interesting to me because it intersects with both, game algorithms and bioinformatics both of which I am familiar to.

Since the source is closed, I cannot get started. Could someone please give me some directions or perhaps a contact so that I could discuss how to get started.

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If you want a free academic license for Foldit you can get it here:

Otherwise, you can send a Private Message to Zoran and I if you want to discuss a project you have in mind.

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