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Many Foldit players are either getting new computers or switching between computers. There does not seem to be an easily searchable way either on this site or the wiki to help people find the file to copy (containing scores & recipes) for transference to a different computer. This information should be easily searchable, and in one place on both the website and in the wiki, to save hours of frustration and redownloading recipes.

This varies between operating systems, of course. I am very familiar with how to do this on a Mac, because I do it almost every week:

Right or Ctrl click on the application and choose "Show Package Contents" - in the Contents file, then copy the Resources folder.

Could information from other OSs please be compiled and placed together?

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Heartily agree. Just got a new computer and having to manually reload my recipes despite doing standard Windows backup. New computer Windows 7, old Vista. I copied the Resources folder from my old FoldIt, but I don't have access to my locally saved games. I wish I could just read the saved game files and transfer over the right files.

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A solution for Windows 7! At least for credit best autosaved games.

First, check the Explorer option for showing hidden files and folders on the new computer. That is so you can see the hidden folder ProgramData. In that folder is FoldIt. In that folder are many files.
The ones you want are called autosave-creditbest-number-number.ir_solution. Select and copy all of these in Explorer from the backup of the old computer FoldIt (which you had to have saved manually like I did) and paste into the new FoldIt in ProgramData as above. Don't copy over files of the same name as the old computer ones will be possibly out of date, when you are prompted for these, skip them. But all the new ones will be new to the new computer and are the ones you played on the old computer before moving to the new one. After this, open the puzzle, set the option for showing autosaves, and look for the TWO autosave credit best for this puzzle! The one that is different is the one from the old computer. Load that save, then save it locally to a file to make sure you can't lose it if there is a crash or something.

You can of course copy across all the .ir_solution files in a similar way to get all your local saves from the old computer.

Don't have a solution for recipes - I just downloaded them all again:-)

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recipes are located within that same folder in a file "all.macro"

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The information wanted here has been put into the wiki, so closing.


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